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Executive Candidates

Presidential Candidate
Ashley Serrano

Ashley Serrano Headshot.jpg

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Scott City, KS

Why are you running? Motivated by a strong desire to support and enhance the student experience, Ashley has developed a platform focused on student support and experience, student engagement, and diversity and inclusion. She recognizes that students need to be supported in a variety of ways to ensure their academic success and wants to ensure that all students feel welcome and included on campus. With previous experience serving as the Fiscal Affairs Chair for two term years and participating in various extracurricular activities, Ashley has a proven track record of leadership and a strong commitment to making a difference on campus. As a candidate for ASG President, she hopes to leverage her skills and experience to create positive change for all students at her university. 

Vice Presidential Candidate
Sophia Dawson

Sophia Dawson.jpg

Major: Business Administration-Human Resource Management

Hometown: Medicine Lodge, KS

Why are you running? Having served as ASG Senate Operations chair, Dawson has been exposed to RSO policy, recognition, and retention processes, which she strived to align with Emporia State’s values of excellence, responsibility, and service. Dawson chose to run for Associated Student Government Vice President because she is a firm believer that experiences are key and that there is an opportunity for leadership, abundance, and new beginnings behind every door. She is passionate about student experience, continuing campus sustainability initiatives, and cultivating spaces for students to grow in leadership. 

Senatorial Candidates
The Teachers College

Alyssa Cole

Alyssa Cole.JPG

Major: Secondary Social Sciences Education

Hometown: Paola, KS

Why are you running? I want to be a Senator again because currently as a Senator I have been able to do so much to help bring more student morale and spirit back on campus. I also want to help bridge the gap between student government and the Teachers College and I plan to do this by hosting events throughout the year to bring more clarity to the student community within the Teachers College. 

Maliki Mosher

Maliki Mosher.jpg

Major: Secondary Math Education

Hometown: Wamego, KS

Why are you running? I am running for student senate so that I may help the student body in expressing their voice during this important time in campus history. ASG is here to improve and sustain the life of the students here at ESU and to be a part of that can be truly astounding. 

Miles Lockridge

Miles Lockridge.jpeg

Major: Secondary Social Sciences Education

Hometown: Kansas City, Kansas

Why are you running? I chose to become a senator because I want to give back to Emporia State. There is power in togetherness, and together, we will rise. 

Senatorial Candidates
School of Business

Piper Glidewell

Piper Glidewell (2).JPEG

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Lawrence, KS

Why are you running? I chose to be a candidate because I had no idea what ASG was or what they did. And I feel like more people are also like that. So, I want to help more students know what ASG is about and how I can help them. 

Fabiana Camacho Vargas

Fabiana Camacho.jpg

Major: Economics & Business Administration w/ Marketing Communication Concentration

Hometown: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Why are you running? This is my third year living in Kansas. I am involved in Future Business Leader of American and am the President of Marketing Club. Being an ASG Senator means representing my school in all my capacity and working towards the common good.

Senatorial Candidates
Liberal Arts + Sciences

Kimiya Noor

Kimiya Noor.jpg

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology w/ Pre-med Concentration & Physics Minor

Hometown: Singapore

Why are you running?  I decided to serve as an ASG senatorial candidate because ESU has always provided me with myriad opportunities, and I want to give back with my passion, patience, and practice in leadership so fellow students can have the same great ESU experience. As someone from a diverse background, I can connect, support, and empathize with people of various struggles and wish to be part of something impactful and much bigger than myself with that skill. I truly believe every individual or student has something great of value to contribute and I would be honored if I can be the dependable representative and catalyst to help voice difficult concerns but also bring to fruition our common goals at ESU by being a senator for College of Liberal Arts and Sciences in ASG! 

Elysia Valverde

Elysia Valverde.jpeg

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Hometown: Gardner, KS

Why are you running? I want to be a part of ASG so that I could use my previous year of experience of ASG to make myself a better senator. My main goal as senator is to improve the communication and connection of senators to their respective colleges. 

Camila Viorel

Camila Viorel.jpg

Major: Crime & Delinquency Studies

Hometown: La Paz, Bolivia

Why are you running? I am re-running for Senate because I am passionate about bringing people together. I believe that students’ voices should be part of those important conversations and that we should collaborate to create a safe space for everyone to feel belonging and to share their stories.  

Nadia Valdez Saravia

Nadia Valdez.JPG

Major: Biology

Hometown: La Paz, Bolivia

Why are you running? I have been a senator since my first semester in college. During my time as a senator, I learned the value of being the voice of students and the importance of being involved in important decisions that affect students. Being a senator again, would give me the great opportunity to continue with the mission to represent students.   

Lydia Kimble

Lydia Kimble.JPG

Major: Political Science w/ Communication Minor

Hometown: Rose Hill, KS

Why are you running? I came to ESU because it felt like a true home here. I have found people that will support me and be with me for the rest of my life. If I have the opportunity to serve on Associated Student Government, I will focus on putting the students first. To help implement change for the overall betterment of the health of our students. I wish to see innovation and change on this campus as it grows, to rebuild the student atmosphere. 

Miguel Terrazas

Miguel Terrazas.jpg

Major: Graphic Design

Hometown: Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Why are you running? I choose to become a senator because I would like to make a change and leave a mark in this university as an international student!

Senatorial Candidates
Graduate School

Godwin Izibili

Godwin Izibili.jpg

Major: Master of Science in Information Technology

Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria

Why are you running? To give African-Caribbean students a voice in the ASG and to contribute my quota to the development of the ESU community. 

Umaira Yakubu

Umaira Yakubu.jpg

Major: School Psychology

Hometown: Ghana

Why are you running? My senatorial position for this past year gave me the opportunity to learn more about my goals, strengths and how to be a better leader. I chose to be a candidate again to be able to use this platform to be a leader who advocates for my fellow students, giving them a voice, helping, and encouraging them so we can all make a positive change on campus. 

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