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How To Log In

Logging in to Office 365

The forms, Leadership SharePoint sites, and other content that requires you to log in are all part of Microsoft's Office 365 platform. At ESU, this means you will need to log in a specific way. 

1. From Hornet Central browse to the form or site you want to open and click on it.

You will be presented with a login for Office 365. Depending on the computer or device you're using, your login may look different. Regardless, enter your ESU Hornet Login, aka your username and password, AS DESCRIBED BELOW:

For username, enter: (note: do NOT use "")

Your password is your normal ESU password.

Tip: You may receive notifications in your student Gmail account, but always remember to log in to Office 365 separately using the links in Hornet Central. Your username is always, never!

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