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RSO Privileges and Perks

RSO Privileges & Perks

Being recognized by Associated Student Government as a Recognized Student Organization comes with its perks. As an RSO, you get many things offered to you by ASG, the Center for Student Involvement, Memorial Union, and the University. Below is everything a Recognized Student Organization can expect!


RSO Privileges

•    A unique and customizable Hornet Central webpage

•    A personal RSO mailbox in the Center for Student Involvement

•    ASG funding for travel, printing & publicity, and speakers

•    Access to IT services such as: Hornet Announcements, Hornet Calendar, Hornet Weekly Digest, & Hornet TV

•    Free access and usage of Memorial Union rooms and various campus facilities

•    Ability to promote your RSO through tabling, the hanging of posters, and use of table tents in the Memorial Union

•    Free Coca-Cola products for any meeting or event

•    Crowdfunding/fundraising abilities through the ESU Foundation


Utilizing these perks is highly encouraged. They not only set your RSO apart, but they make your student experience one to remember. Below you can find resources about initiating the process in utilizing these opportunities. If you still have questions, contact the Center for Student Involvement at 620-341-5481.

Center for Student Involvement

•    For questions about updating your Hornet Central webpage, please visit the Managing Your RSO page.

•    Checking your RSO mailbox is always encouraged. Stop by the CSI Help Desk to see if you have mail anytime M-F 8am-5pm.

ASG Funding

•    ASG offers funding to RSOs each year. Allocations open in the fall and close in the spring and are spendable for the upcoming fiscal year. Reserve Fund Requests can be submitted anytime Senate is in session and can be used immediately. For more information about RSO Allocations & Reserve Fund Requests, please visit the Student Organization Forms page.

•    For information about crowdfunding/fundraising, please visit the Foundation + Giving page.

Scheduling & Marketing

•    For information about scheduling an event or marketing one contact Conference & Scheduling. This applies to any campus event/activity, regardless if it is in the Memorial Union or not. 

•    For information about promoting an event.

Food Services

•    To receive free Coca-Cola products for a meeting or event, you must reserve products at least two weeks in advance. Please fill out the Coca-Cola request form to submit a request.

•    To request ESU catering at an event, complete this form. Please note, Sodexo must be used in all campus facilities. Outside food/drink is prohibited.

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