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  • Updates | Hornet Central

    Site Updates Throughout the summer and fall, new parts of this site will go live! Check back to get the latest updates as we work to bring you even more new features! Task Order Feature Estimated Date Available Live 1 Temporary build/demo site is available. 05/07/2021 Yes 2 Site will display all current as of Summer 2021 RSO's with categorization and available graphics 06/01/2021 Yes 3 SOFE Forms Available 06/01/2021 No 4 Site Update Forms Available 07/01/2021 Yes 5 Join an RSO Form Available 07/01/2021 Yes 6 RSO Leadership SharePoint Groups Created 07/01/2021 Yes 7 Update your RSO membership Form 07/01/2021 Yes 8 Form Creation Process Available 07/01/2021 No 9 Service Hours Portal Available 08/01/2021 No 10 Event + Advertising Service Available 08/01/2021 No 11 Tradition Keepers Process 08/16/2021 No 12 Begin Promotional Campaign 08/16/2021 No 13 Distribution Groups Available for Senator Elections (undergrad by College/School) 09/03/2021 No

  • Governing or Politics | Hornet Central

    Governing + Politics Associated Student Government (ASG) Criminology Club ESU Ambassadors Politics and Law Club Union Activities Council

  • Trauma Informed Educators

    Trauma Informed Educators Trauma Informed Educators (TIE) is an organization that is open to all students who are enrolled at Emporia State University. This organization strives to prepare future educators, psychologists, and other pre professional majors in recognizing that all students may potentially experience trauma which in return could affect their educational learning and behavior. The future professional will also recognize their own trauma and the impact that it could have on their future students or clients. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ Leadership President, Vice President, and Treasurer Ties 1.png Leadership President, Vice President, and Treasurer 1/2 PROJECTS + EVENTS Teacher Panel & Pizza Cereal and Scenarios SEL Strategies Mindfulness Workshops And Many More! MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Joining the Trauma Informed Educators Club will allow you to gain more knowledge about what trauma-informed education is, and it will help you connect with fellow future teachers with the same goal. The focus of this group is teaching members how trauma affects students and ways they can help students who have experienced trauma. The main benefit of this club is being more prepared to help students who experience trauma in their future classroom. Leadership Login

  • Forms | Hornet Central - Emporia State University

    Student Organization Forms General Forms Interest Forms Join an RSO Form - Interest Form Join a Fraternity or Sorority - Interest Form Food Interest Forms Coca-Cola Request Form CaterTrax - Sodexo Form Tradition Keepers Other Forms Free Speech Demonstration Facilities Sign/Banner/Chalk Request Form Associated Student Govt. Forms RSO Travel Registration ASG Re-Recognition Form ASG Senator Application ASG Allocation Form Request Service Hours Report Update Your RSO Leadership Update Your RSO Page You must be RSO/FSL Leadership in order to access these forms. A report of your RSO's current services hours will be emailed to you. ASG Reserve Fund Request Fraternity + Sorority Life Forms New or Prospective Members You must be FSL Leadership in order to access these forms. SOFE Portal + Forms Philanthropic Donation Form FSL Status Change Form View SOFE How-To Video FSL New Membership Acceptance Form Join a Fraternity or Sorority - Interest Form Help with Forms Forms can only be created by RSO Leadership. You will need to create your forms using Microsoft Forms in order to store them for archival purposes. Need to create a form or have it listed here? How to log in to when accessing a secure form. How to create and share a form using Microsoft Forms. Creating or Listing Forms How to Log In Using Microsoft Forms

  • Panhellenic Association

    Panhellenic Association We are a community of involved women, united by the Fraternity and Sorority Life Community, who are dedicated to the promotion of the core values of leadership, friendship, citizenship, stewardship, and scholarship. We strive to maintain positive relationships between fraternal chapters by providing liaisons among our members to produce role models who work together to maintain excellence. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 1/3 THE PANHELLENIC CREED We, as Undergraduate Members of women’s fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities. We, as Fraternity Women, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Becoming a member of the Panhellenic Association at Emporia State University offers a wealth of benefits for individuals involved in Fraternity & Sorority Life. The Panhellenic Association provides a supportive environment that encourages personal growth, leadership development, and academic success among its members. By joining, students gain access to a network of peers and alumnae, fostering connections that extend beyond their college years. The organization actively promotes involvement in philanthropic activities, giving members the opportunity to make positive contributions to the community. Panhellenic-sponsored events and programs enhance the overall college experience, fostering a sense of sisterhood, friendship, and a commitment to upholding the values of Fraternity & Sorority Life. Being part of the Panhellenic Association not only enriches the college journey but also contributes to the establishment of a vibrant and supportive Fraternity & Sorority Life community at Emporia State University. For specific details on member benefits and upcoming Panhellenic Association activities, individuals are encouraged to contact the organization directly or refer to official Panhellenic communication channels. Leadership Login

  • Marketing Club

    Marketing Club Marketing Club connects its members to marketing professionals and employers. We are open to any major with an interest in enhancing their marketing skills, networking, and thinking strategically. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ ff3960de-799e-4792-accd-cb462328dbee_1_201_a.jpeg 8311d2da-25a5-406a-b29a-2b7955bffa2d_1_201_a.jpeg Profile.png ff3960de-799e-4792-accd-cb462328dbee_1_201_a.jpeg 1/11 PROJECTS + EVENTS We have group fundraisers, a trip to New Orleans and KC coming up, and have weekly meetings in Cremer Hall! MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Our members benefit from networking conferences and trips, company visits, workshops, case studies, and strategic games that will give them a deeper understanding in marketing. We have event speakers that are interested in offering internships and jobs in the Marketing field. Leadership Login

  • Mu Delta Mu

    Mu Delta Mu At Mu Delta Mu our aim is to create an environment open to all students who feel a normal Greek life environment is not for them. We prioritize creating positive relationships with our members, and an environment where everyone can express who they are without the fear of being judged. Within this RSO, we also build an environment where members focus on self-improvement, and understanding that failures are just a part of the process of learning. Remember: Progress Not Perfection! Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads Constitution ​ IMG_9430.jpg IMG_9431.jpg IMG_9430.jpg 1/2 PROJECTS + EVENTS Regularly held social events Expanding our membership Partnering with PRIDE Craft sales! MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Those who join Mu Delta Mu will meet others who feel like they don't fit into the crowd. They will have the chance to make life-long friends and meet a variety of people in a low-stress environment, and participate in service events! Leadership Login

  • Organizations by Category | Hornet Central

    Organizations by Category Select a category: Fraternity + Sorority Academic Honorary Community Service Cultural + Identity-based Religious Athletic-based Artistic + Writing Governing + Politics

  • Homecoming Royalty | Hornet Central

    Fall 2023 ESU SPURS Homecoming Royalty HomecominG Ballot Fall 2023 Homecoming Ballot Alyssa Gharmalkar Hometown: Parsons, KS Major: History I love all of the incredible faculty members. I don't know where I would be without the professors who took the time to serve as my mentors during my time here. Makayla Hallacy Hometown: Wichita, KS Major: Biology I love that there is always support for students at ESU to pursue their passions both on and off campus! Olivia Hewitt Hometown: Olathe, KS Major: Communication My favorite thing about ESU is the welcoming atmosphere and tight-knit community that welcomes students with open arms, making it so easy to get involved and make lifelong connections! Alec Hitchens Hometown: Spring Hill, KS Major: Math Education I love how small the community is and that I was able to make connections and friendships with people like me! Jack Jaworski Hometown: Shawnee, KS Major: Communication The best thing about ESU is the sense of community and connectedness with different student organizations and the town of Emporia itself. Alyssa McCue Hometown: Olathe, KS Major: Elementary Education My favorite thing about ESU is the support I have experienced from this community. In all my goals, whether it be personal or professional, I have been blessed to know individuals who advocate for my success. Bree Moore Hometown: Eudora, KS Major: Psychology I love that the faculty and staff go above and beyond to ensure that each student reaches their full potential and goals. What I also love about this university is always walking on campus and seeing a familiar face! Megan Neal Hometown: Kansas City, KS Major: Elementary Education My favorite thing about ESU is all the opportunities to meet new people and get involved on campus and within the community! Arisa Ortiz Hometown: Topeka, KS Major: Psychology My favorite thing about ESU is that it really has become my home away from home. ESU has given me many opportunities to grow as a person and it is great to always see a familiar face everywhere I go on campus. It’s always a great day to be a Hornet! Kaelyn Watkins Hometown: Carbondale, KS Major: Nursing The best thing about ESU is the AMAZING school spirit and involvement by every club and RSO! Stingers UP!

  • Health and Human Performance Club

    Health and Human Performance Club The Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Human Performance offered by Health, Physical Education and Recreation at Emporia State University prepares students for positions in health promotion, strength & conditioning, personal training, public administration and related areas. Graduates take leadership roles in designing, implementing, and evaluating health promotion campaigns in various public and private agencies and institutions at local, state, and national levels. The Health & Human Performance professionals trained in this program gain the knowledge and skills to affect lifestyle choices. Employment opportunities exist in corporate, clinical/medical, not-for-profit organizations, commercial/private settings, and academic institutions. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 384270022_696491262505757_2615207671360631011_n.jpg 346654461_220384247408201_5388902776215816203_n.jpg 313425145_489016573253228_5124388079288360125_n.jpg 384270022_696491262505757_2615207671360631011_n.jpg 1/4 PROJECTS + EVENTS Trash bash Walking taco MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Meet fellow majors Explore professional career options from guests/speakers Give back to the community Leadership Login

  • Wildlife & Fisheries Club

    Wildlife & Fisheries Club The ESU Wildlife & Fisheries club is open to any students interested in the outdoors through wildlife and/or fisheries related activities. We operate under both a student chapter of The Wildlife Society and student subunit of the American Fisheries Society. Our goal as a club, is to provide members with skills and experiences to enable them to become the next generation of wildlife and fisheries professionals. We participate in various volunteer activities including prescribed burning, seed collecting, and surveying through entities such as the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks and The Nature Conservancy. We engage members in professional development opportunities including certifications, field experience, and networking opportunities. Meetings are held monthly, and weekly emails are sent with professional development activities such as volunteer opportunities/job announcements. Contact to be added to our email list! Or stop by to check our club poster board located across from the Richard H. Schmidt Museum of Natural History on the lower level in Science Hall. Our current officers are as follows: President: Audrey Van Zelfden Vice President: Meagan Fernandez Treasurer: Lizzy Murdock Secretary: Grace Higgins Advisors: Dr. William Jensen, Dr. Rachel Bowes Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads Constitution Associate Wildlife Biologist Application 1/2 MEMBERSHIP ESU Wildlife & Fisheries Club Student membership dues are $5 each semester. Club dues pay for the cost of a club t-shirt. Members who hold club officer positions have to be a registered member of one of the parent societies. The Wildlife Society Student dues to the parent society of TWS are $42 annually and include monthly The Wildlife Professional magazine, Wildlife Society Bulletin, access to online journal publications of The Journal of Wildlife Management, weekly e-Wildlifer e-newsletters, 35% discount on Wiley books and 30% discount through John Hopkins University Press. Opportunity to become Associate Wildlife Biologist Certified. American Fisheries Society Student dues to AFS are $25 annually and include a subscription to monthly Fisheries magazine, free online access to AFS journals and Infobase, discounts on books and reduced Annual Meeting registration! Opportunity to become Associate Fisheries Professional Certified. OTHER LINKS Wildlife Job Resources Leadership Login

  • The Photo Club

    The Photo Club ​ Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 1/0 ​ ​ Leadership Login

  • Blue Key Honor Society

    Blue Key Honor Society Blue Key Honor Society is a premier honor society that recognizes college upperclassmen at Emporia State upholding excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service. Blue Key Honor Society is responsible for the Hayes Lecture Series and "I <3 ESU Week." Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads Constitution ​ IMG-8169.jpg IMG-8170.jpg IMG-8171.jpg IMG-8169.jpg 1/3 PROJECTS + EVENTS Annual Hayes Lecture Series Annual Blue Key Honor Society Nationals Trip Monthly community service projects MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Opportunity for leadership roles Networking opportunities with past and present members Improve the community through service projects and volunteer work Leadership Login

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