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  • Emporia State Disc Golf Club

    Emporia State Disc Golf Club Anyone who enjoys playing disc golf or would like to learn is welcome to reach out. We currently practice at 5:30PM on Wednesdays and Thursdays and play a bag tag league on Sunday afternoons at a course we post to our social media pages prior. (Instagram: @esudiscgolf or Twitter: @discesu) We are set on growing the sport on campus and in the community. Disc Golf is a fun sport that doesn't cost much to get started and we would like to share it with you! This is also a perfect opportunity to get to know other students and jump into a new hobby or expand on your passion. Feel free to email the contact listed with any questions. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 1/0 ​ ​ Leadership Login

  • Marketing Club

    Marketing Club The Marketing Club is an academic, educational, and social organization for all majors. It is a great way to increase your marketing skills and get involved in the local community. Joining will help you build your resume and increase your contacts through networking. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 1/8 ​ ​ Leadership Login

  • Earth Science Club

    Earth Science Club Earth Science Club is open for all students interested in the earth sciences: meteorology, geology, hydrogeology, astronomy, etc. We sponsor events on campus, go on field trips, attend conferences, and provide communication between students, alumni, and faculty. Contact to be added to our email list! Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 1/5 LEADERSHIP 2022-2023 Leadership President: Adia Witherspoon Vice President: Bri Edwards Secretary: Maung To Treasurer: Auralee Pritchard Faculty Advisor: Dr. Paul Zunkel ​ Leadership Login

  • Community Service | Hornet Central

    Community Service Circle K International Community Hornets Getting Involved in Volunteering in Emporia (GIVE) Green Club Hornets Against Hunger

  • Hornets Against Hunger

    Hornets Against Hunger Hornets Against Hunger is dedicated to fighting food insecurity. Students will work together on community service projects focused on helping those who face the challenge. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 1/0 ​ ​ Leadership Login

  • Politics and Law Club

    Politics and Law Club ​ Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 1/0 LEADERSHIP President: Paige Frye Vice President: Brayden Soper Treasurer: Sam Howell Advisor: John Barnett ​ Leadership Login

  • Traditions Keeper Program | Hornet Central

    Traditions Keeper Program YOUR LEGACY BEGINS HERE TWO EASY STEPS The Traditions Keeper is a distinction that Emporia State University students can earn at the time of their graduation. The purpose of this program is to encourage ESU students to get involved in campus programs and events, strive for high academic success, show black & gold pride, and participate in civic engagement within the Emporia community. In order to be awarded the distinction of Traditions Keeper, students must complete at least thirty traditions at the time of graduation. Five traditions from each category must make up the thirty or more traditions completed. Traditions can only be used, counted, and submitted for credit once. Within the Traditions Keeper Program there are four distinctions that ESU students can earn. They are as follows: 1. Black Distinction- Completed at least five traditions (one from each category) 2. Gold Distinction- Completed at least twelve traditions 3. Corky Distinction- Completed at least twenty traditions 4. Traditions Keeper- Completed thirty or more traditions (five from each category) Reaching each distinction will be acknowledged and awarded by receiving an enamel pin for Black, Gold, and Corky Distinction. Once a student has achieved the distinction of Traditions Keeper, they will be awarded a medallion to wear at graduation. Step One: APPLY To start the process, simply fill out this quick form and media release. ​ ​ ​ ​ *Tradition Keepers Will Return in Fall of 2022 ​ Step Two: SUBMIT YOUR TRADITION Each time you satisfy a tradition, submit this form. On the form, you'll indicate which of the four distinctions you qualifying for and then which tradition you are meeting. Finally, you'll attach a photo, document or other tradition that can be used to verify your qualification. ​ Please remember to submit a new form for each piece of evidence. ​ ​ ​ *Tradition Keepers Will Return in Fall of 2022 Choose from over 65+ ESU Traditions ​ Black and Gold Attend a Hornet Men’s/Women’s basketball game Attend a Hornet volleyball game in White Auditorium Wave the ESU Flag at a unique location Wear your Black & Gold Sit in the student section and cheer on ESU Football during a home game in Welch Stadium Snap a picture with one of the many Corky statues around campus Follow Emporia State University on social media Wish in the Kellogg Circle Fountain Go around/under the arch in front of King Hall Donate to the Student Foundation Be nominated for Homecoming Royalty Learn the fight song Take a picture with the mascot, Corky Be a part of the Turnpike tussle Participate in an E-zone activity Sit on the hill at Trusler for a Hornet Baseball game Be on Wooster Bridge at midnight Eat in the Hornets Nest Ring Silent Joe Live in one of the three Residential Halls Visit Campus Woods Academic Success Attend a Hornet Connection Study in the William Allen White Library Visit Visser Hall and study in the Atrium Fill out your intent to graduate Attend a University-sponsored career fair Dress nice for a full day of class Study Abroad Attend a University-sponsored lecture series Meet the University President Get involved in University research Work with your professor to become a teacher’s assistant, in-class tutor, or Graduate Assistant Receive a letter grade of an “A” in a class Visit the One Room Schoolhouse Sit in the front row of a class Join an academic club or honors society Be a member of the Honors College Have an internship Make the Dean's List Beyond the Classroom Attend a Welcome Week event Be an ESU student athlete Participate in ESU Debate Participate in music, theatre, choir, dance, color guard, or the marching band Get an on-campus job Participate in at least one Recognized Student Organization on campus Attend an ASG Senate Meeting Play an intramural sport Observe the art galleries in King Hall Visit the National Teachers Hall of Fame or Memorial for Fallen Educators Visit the Kansas Business Hall of Fame in Cremer Hall Explore the Richard H. Schmidt Museum of Natural History Explore the Johnson Geology Museum Visit the Peterson Planetarium Attend an ESU Theatre production Attend a ZOIKS/PANTS performance Join a fraternity/sorority Serve as an E-Team Leader or help with Freshman Orientation Civic Engagement Vote in the ESU Associated Student Government Elections (or run for office!) Be a Hornet Helper or assist with move-in day Participate in a community service event Participate in an Emporia Main Street First Friday Event Visit the Emporia Veteran’s Memorial Donate to Corky’s Cupboard Be named an Emporia State Changemaker Receive an individual RSO Award or Student Involvement Award Attend an event with Community Hornets Clean up trash/leaves around campus or within the community Participate in an Alternative Spring Break Trip Write a thank you note to a professor or faculty member Vote in a primary or general election Donate your blood during a Red Cross Blood Drive on campus Be recognized as a Newberg Outstanding or Distinguished Senior Be recognized as a Patterson, McNair or Shepherd Scholar

  • Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO)

    Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization (CEO) Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization gives students access to a network of like-minded individuals with similar entrepreneurial interests at ESU and around the world; it promotes an entrepreneurial spirit through a student-run organization at ESU; it provides opportunities for education and practical experience in the entrepreneurship sector; and it encourages student initiative through opportunities like successful entrepreneur and business professional presentations as well as entrepreneurial competitions. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads Constitution ​ 1/6 OUR HISTORY Since 2019, the organization has grown to a network of over 50 interested students from different academic areas, backgrounds, and experiences! The organization is proud to have featured a number of local entrepreneurs and regional entrepreneurs for speaker meetings, partner with Corky's Cupboard and the Emporia community for service opportunities, and bring together such a large array of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs-to-be! OUR NATIONAL ORGANIZATION Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) is the premier entrepreneurship network with chapters on university campuses across North America and beyond. CEO currently supports entrepreneurship in over 250 chapters in all 50 states and worldwide. Started in 1983, the organization has grown to the organization it is today offering the following programs: Alumni | 30 under 30 Annual Membership Meeting Business Formation Bootcamp Collegiate BizLaunch Week Distinguished Speaker Series Global Conference Pitch Competition Regional Conferences CEO also offers numerous resources for entrepreneurs-to-be to get started in college or take off after graduation! For more info, visit the national website . Leadership Login

  • American Chemical Society Student Affiliate

    American Chemical Society Student Affiliate ACS Stands for American Chemical Society, which is the largest scientific organization in the world. Membership spans from undergraduate novice chemists to Nobel Prize winning chemists. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 1/0 ​ ​ Leadership Login

  • Interfraternity Council

    Interfraternity Council The mission of the Interfraternity Council states: We as fraternity members strive to foster an inclusive community that encourages personal growth while providing unique opportunities to achieve academic success and make lifelong connections. The Interfraternity Council (IFC) is the body for all Emporia State University social IFC fraternities. IFC works with individual chapters, ESU sororities, and campus administrators to oversee the interests of the IFC community. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 1/3 CORE PURPOSES AND FUNCTIONS 1) Serve as the voice for the IFC fraternity community 2) Serve as a body for IFC fraternity chapters to voice their opinions, concerns, etc. 3) Develop, implement, and enforce policy 4) Work with the Panhellenic Association & Multicultural Greek-Lettered Governing Council to advocate for and advance the interests of the ESU Fraternity & Sorority community 5) Support and provide educational opportunities for IFC chapters and the Emporia State campus community 6) Promote and exemplify IFC fraternal values and ideals ​ Leadership Login

  • Beta Beta Beta National Biology Honor Society

    Beta Beta Beta National Biology Honor Society Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a national honor society for students (especially undergraduates) who are dedicated to their study of the life sciences, which promotes the value of biological scholarship and research for intellectual growth and for extending the boundaries of human understanding of nature. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads Constitution Bylaws Flyer 1/0 ​ ​ Leadership Login

  • Forms | Hornet Central - Emporia State University

    Student Organization Forms General Forms Interest Forms Join an RSO Form - Interest Form Join a Fraternity or Sorority - Interest Form Coca-Cola Request Form Tradition Keepers Associated Student Govt. Forms RSO Travel Registration ASG Senator Application General Administrative Forms You must be RSO/FSL Leadership in order to access these forms. Update Your RSO Page Update Your RSO Leadership Request Service Hours Report A report of your RSO's current services hours will be emailed to you. Fraternity + Sorority Life Forms New or Prospective Members You must be FSL Leadership in order to access these forms. SOFE Portal + Forms Philanthropic Donation Form FSL Awards Application Form FSL Status Change Form View SOFE How-To Video 2022 Greek God and Goddess Application Form FSL New Membership Acceptance Form Join a Fraternity or Sorority - Interest Form Event Sign-Ups Cops and Robbers Sign Up Sheet Obstacle Course Sign Up Sheet Sand Volley Ball Sign Up Sheet Lip Sync #1 Sign Up Sheet Lip Sync #2 Sign Up Sheet Help with Forms Forms can only be created by RSO Leadership. You will need to create your forms using Microsoft Forms in order to store them for archival purposes. Need to create a form or have it listed here? How to log in to when accessing a secure form. How to create and share a form using Microsoft Forms. Creating or Listing Forms How to Log In Using Microsoft Forms

  • Hispanic American Leadership Organization

    Hispanic American Leadership Organization H.A.L.O. is an expanding organization that is always looking for new members. Their goal is to get members and students involved in activities throughout the community and on campus. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 1/0 ​ ​ Leadership Login