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  • ESU Gaming

    ESU Gaming ESU Gaming is an organization that focuses on creating a fun, lighthearted environment for students to play their favorite games together. From hosting campus-wide game nights to friendly competitions, we allow students of all skills to be involved in their community in fun, lighthearted gaming. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads Constitution Twitch 1/8 LEADERSHIP President: Tristan Howard ( ) Vice President: Chase Pritchard ( ) Treasurer: Peyton Babcock ( ) Secretary: Anna Dercole ( ) Social Media Coordinator: Alex Walters ( ) OTHER LINKS Discord Leadership Login

  • American Sign Language Club

    American Sign Language Club Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 1/0 ​ ​ Leadership Login

  • Chinese Students and Scholars Association

    Chinese Students and Scholars Association The Chinese students and scholar association (CSSA) is an organization that aims to help and support Chinese students and scholars who study or work abroad. The CSSA provides various services and activities for its members, such as academic, social, cultural, and career events. We also serves as a bridge between the Chinese community and the local society, and promotes the exchange and understanding of Chinese culture and values. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ Gallery 1.jpg Gallery 2 (1).jpg Gallery 3 (1).jpg Gallery 1.jpg 1/3 PROJECTS + EVENTS Chinese Tutoring Program Mid-Autumn Festival Event Tabling during International Education Week MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS We provide free Chinese tutoring for each semester. We have a cultural trip each year. Leadership Login

  • Chi Alpha Epsilon

    Chi Alpha Epsilon Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) is an Honor Society for all TRIO participants who have maintained a 3.0+ GPA for at least 2 consecutive semesters. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ photo-5.jpg photo-2.jpg XAE Trash Pick-Up.jpg photo-5.jpg 1/7 PROJECTS + EVENTS Semesterly Induction Ceremonies Social Gatherings Membership Meetings Community Service Opportunities MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS A resume builder Lifelong connections Achievement as a first-generation or under-represented college student. Leadership Login

  • Men of Excellence

    Men of Excellence Men of Excellence is a collective of men of color that come together for fellowship, character development, and community service. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ IMG_4524.jpeg IMG_4526.jpeg IMG_4525.jpeg IMG_4524.jpeg 1/3 PROJECTS + EVENTS Masculinity in Modern America Panel Discussion MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Community Character Development Community Service Leadership Login

  • People Respecting Individuality & Diversity In Education (PRIDE)

    People Respecting Individuality & Diversity In Education (PRIDE) People Respecting Individuality and Diversity in Education. PRIDE is the recognized student organization for Allies, Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Questioning persons on campus. We accept and respect everybody, regardless of sex, race, religion, orientation, gender, nationality, etc. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ IMG_4866 (1).jpg IMG_8788.JPG IMG_8789_edited.jpg IMG_4866 (1).jpg 1/5 PROJECTS + EVENTS November 7 - Service Meeting (SOS), 5pm November 14 - Education Meeting (Transgender Day of Remembrance), 7pm November 16 - RSO Culture Fair (MU Mainstreet), 1pm November 20 - Tabling & Candlelight Vigil for Transgender Day of Remembrance November 28 - Social Meeting + Movie Night, 7pm Fall Lavender Ceremony date TBD MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Become a part of PRIDE and meet other like-minded people. PRIDE aims to creates a safe place for all folx from various backgrounds. PRIDE has a rotating schedule of social, volunteer, and educational meetings. PRIDE has events for LGBTQ+ History Month and plans events for Campus PRIDE Month which is in April. Leadership Login

  • The Technology Club

    The Technology Club The Technology Club is open to all students with majors or minors in Computer Science, Information Systems, and Data Analytics. We are a dynamic community of passionate tech enthusiasts dedicated to fostering innovation in the ever-evolving world of technology by providing a collaborative platform where students can come together to exchange ideas, learn cutting-edge skills, and embark on innovative projects. We strive to cultivate a culture of curiosity, creativity, and collaboration, preparing our members to thrive in the dynamic landscape of technology and make a positive impact on the world. With a focus on hands-on experiences, we organize workshops, hackathons, and coding competitions that empower members to apply theoretical knowledge in practical, real-world contexts. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ GALLERY.jpg GALLERY 2.JPG GALLERY.jpg 1/2 PROJECTS + EVENTS Some of our upcoming events include: Biweekly Meeting- Every other Thursday by 4:30 PM at Room CH 205, Cremer Hall, School of Business Field Trip Professional workshop and trainings with industry leaders Workshops for preparing CV and Professional Profile on LinkedIn Programming workshops and Contests Networking with Alumni and Recruiters Dine out and Picnics. Community service Initiatives Gaming Events MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Joining the Technology club will provide with you with immeasurable benefits such as: Skill Development : Technology club provides opportunities to enhance technical skills through hands-on workshops, coding challenges, and collaborative projects. This practical experience goes beyond classroom learning and helps members stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. Networking Opportunities : Tech clubs often facilitate interactions with like-minded peers, professors, and industry professionals. These connections can lead to valuable mentorships, internship opportunities, and even job placements after graduation. Project Collaboration : We provide a platform for members to collaborate on projects, enabling them to work on innovative and impactful ventures. This not only enhances technical proficiency but also fosters teamwork, problem-solving, and project management skills. Professional Development and Events : Tech clubs often host events, conferences, and seminars featuring guest speakers from the industry. These events provide insights into current industry trends, expose members to cutting-edge technologies, and offer opportunities to participate in tech-related competitions or hackathons. Internship Opportunities - By connecting our members with established networks with industry professionals, alumni, and tech companies. Our members have a platform that facilitates networking, informational interviews, and potentially internship placements. Resume Building and Recognition : Active participation in the technology club can boost our members’ resume, demonstrating a genuine interest and involvement in the field. Leadership roles or successful project outcomes within the club can be impressive additions to a CV. Leadership Login

  • Organizations by Category | Hornet Central

    Organizations by Category Select a category: Fraternity + Sorority Academic Honorary Community Service Cultural + Identity-based Religious Athletic-based Artistic + Writing Governing + Politics

  • Health and Human Performance Club

    Health and Human Performance Club The Bachelor of Science degree in Health & Human Performance offered by Health, Physical Education and Recreation at Emporia State University prepares students for positions in health promotion, strength & conditioning, personal training, public administration and related areas. Graduates take leadership roles in designing, implementing, and evaluating health promotion campaigns in various public and private agencies and institutions at local, state, and national levels. The Health & Human Performance professionals trained in this program gain the knowledge and skills to affect lifestyle choices. Employment opportunities exist in corporate, clinical/medical, not-for-profit organizations, commercial/private settings, and academic institutions. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ 384270022_696491262505757_2615207671360631011_n.jpg 346654461_220384247408201_5388902776215816203_n.jpg 313425145_489016573253228_5124388079288360125_n.jpg 384270022_696491262505757_2615207671360631011_n.jpg 1/4 PROJECTS + EVENTS Trash bash Walking taco MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS Meet fellow majors Explore professional career options from guests/speakers Give back to the community Leadership Login

  • Wildlife & Fisheries Club

    Wildlife & Fisheries Club The ESU Wildlife & Fisheries club is open to any students interested in the outdoors through wildlife and/or fisheries related activities. We operate under both a student chapter of The Wildlife Society and student subunit of the American Fisheries Society. Our goal as a club, is to provide members with skills and experiences to enable them to become the next generation of wildlife and fisheries professionals. We participate in various volunteer activities including prescribed burning, seed collecting, and surveying through entities such as the Kansas Department of Wildlife & Parks and The Nature Conservancy. We engage members in professional development opportunities including certifications, field experience, and networking opportunities. Meetings are held monthly, and weekly emails are sent with professional development activities such as volunteer opportunities/job announcements. Contact to be added to our email list! Or stop by to check our club poster board located across from the Richard H. Schmidt Museum of Natural History on the lower level in Science Hall. Our current officers are as follows: President: Audrey Van Zelfden Vice President: Meagan Fernandez Treasurer: Lizzy Murdock Secretary: Grace Higgins Advisors: Dr. William Jensen, Dr. Rachel Bowes Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads Constitution Associate Wildlife Biologist Application 1/2 MEMBERSHIP ESU Wildlife & Fisheries Club Student membership dues are $5 each semester. Club dues pay for the cost of a club t-shirt. Members who hold club officer positions have to be a registered member of one of the parent societies. The Wildlife Society Student dues to the parent society of TWS are $42 annually and include monthly The Wildlife Professional magazine, Wildlife Society Bulletin, access to online journal publications of The Journal of Wildlife Management, weekly e-Wildlifer e-newsletters, 35% discount on Wiley books and 30% discount through John Hopkins University Press. Opportunity to become Associate Wildlife Biologist Certified. American Fisheries Society Student dues to AFS are $25 annually and include a subscription to monthly Fisheries magazine, free online access to AFS journals and Infobase, discounts on books and reduced Annual Meeting registration! Opportunity to become Associate Fisheries Professional Certified. OTHER LINKS Wildlife Job Resources Leadership Login

  • Student Veterans Association

    Student Veterans Association A thank you goes out to our generous donors, their contributions allow ESU to announce the Student Veteran Lounge on the fourth floor of Morse South. Overlooking beautiful Wooster Lake, student veterans can study, while connecting with and assisting others who share in common history and perspectives. The center serves discharged and retired veterans, as well as active-duty military and members of National Guard and Reserves. Spouses and dependents of active military and veterans and Gold Star family members are encouraged to also come enjoy the facilities. The local community veterans’ organizations and stakeholders as well as prospective student-veterans visiting campus, this resource is very beneficial to our community and facilitates a clean transition for those it serves to college life, while still offering brotherhood. This room offers the student-veteran population the ability to collaborate with others in an area in which conversation is offered for those Identifying as a Student Veteran. Connect Interested in joining? Learn more. Our Downloads ​ ​ IMG_8541.png IMG_8542.png IMG_8541.png 1/2 PROJECTS + EVENTS We hold yearly Veterans Day Bar Crawl and other events to raise money benefiting local veterans. MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS FEATURES Reception area Meeting space with conference table Access to copy machine, printer + scanner Lounge space for outreach activities Study carrels and computer Storage area for banners, flags LOCATION Morse Hall South, Room 434 ACCESS To gain access to the Students Veteran Center, contact Elisabeth Johnson at or 620-341-5719. When calling or emailing please provide: ESU email address Student E number You will then be given access through your Hornet ID card. A collaborative space and an area for conversation is offered in the Student Veteran Center. Leadership Login

  • Athletic-based | Hornet Central

    Athletic-based ESU Athletic Training Club ESU Gaming Emporia State Disc Golf Club Health and Human Performance Club Student Athlete Advisory Committee Wellness Education Club

  • Forms | Hornet Central - Emporia State University

    Student Organization Forms General Forms Interest Forms Join an RSO Form - Interest Form Join a Fraternity or Sorority - Interest Form Food Interest Forms Coca-Cola Request Form CaterTrax - Sodexo Form Tradition Keepers Other Forms Free Speech Demonstration Facilities Sign/Banner/Chalk Request Form Associated Student Govt. Forms RSO Travel Registration ASG Re-Recognition Form ASG Senator Application ASG Allocation Form Request Service Hours Report Update Your RSO Leadership Update Your RSO Page You must be RSO/FSL Leadership in order to access these forms. A report of your RSO's current services hours will be emailed to you. ASG Reserve Fund Request Fraternity + Sorority Life Forms New or Prospective Members You must be FSL Leadership in order to access these forms. SOFE Portal + Forms Philanthropic Donation Form FSL Status Change Form View SOFE How-To Video FSL New Membership Acceptance Form Join a Fraternity or Sorority - Interest Form Help with Forms Forms can only be created by RSO Leadership. You will need to create your forms using Microsoft Forms in order to store them for archival purposes. Need to create a form or have it listed here? How to log in to when accessing a secure form. How to create and share a form using Microsoft Forms. Creating or Listing Forms How to Log In Using Microsoft Forms

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