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Starting an RSO

Starting an RSO


We are ecstatic that you are interested in starting an RSO at Emporia State University! Starting a student organization at ESU is a big deal. Your RSO will forever go down in the history books as an official Recognized Student Organization at Emporia State. It is a big responsibility with great rewards. Not only will you attract new members, but you will leave your impact on Emporia State for years to come. 


Starting a student organization shouldn’t be taken lightly. With creating an RSO comes many responsibilities, expectations, and requirements. Associated Student Government (ASG) is the organization who oversees RSOs at ESU. ASG has expectations and responsibilities that we expect of all RSOs. In addition, ASG enforces our RSO Policy that outlines four yearly requirements from RSOs. You can find those resources below:


Expectations & Responsibilities of RSOs

•    Maintain effective communication with your assigned ASG Senator

•    Review and update your Hornet Central webpage

•    Respond to requests or emails from the Center for Student Involvement, IT, or ASG

•    Promptly respond to inquiries from students interested in joining your RSO


RSO Yearly Requirements

•    Re-register on Hornet Central (Update officers & information)

•    Submit 30 community service hours

•    Attend one “All Things RSO” training

•    Attend one “Dip into Diversity” event (Diversity Training)


Specifically, the ASG Senate Operations Committee will be a great resource to navigate the ins and outs of RSO policy and procedures. If you ever have any questions or concerns you can reach out to the Senate Operations Chair by emailing Now that you know the expectations and requirements of being an RSO at ESU, your next steps are to complete the RSO Recognition process. You can find that information below.



Starting A New Organization


Step 1: Complete Appendix A & B

To start a new organization at ESU, you first need to identify three officers and an advisor. Your officers must be currently enrolled at ESU and your advisor must be an ESU faculty or staff member. The three officers you need are: president, vice president, & treasurer. Once you have identified your officers and advisor, you are ready to complete the RSO Appendix A document. 


The last required document needed to apply for RSO Recognition is the RSO Appendix B. This is your official RSO Constitution. ASG makes the process as easy as possible for you by providing a sample constitution that you may use as a structure in building your RSO bylaws. You are free to use whatever constitution layout or structure you prefer; however, you must keep the membership section (Article 1, Section 3) in your constitution exactly as written in the sample.


Step 2: Submit Appendix A & B to ASG

Once you have completed Appendix A & B, submit both documents to the Senate Operations Chair by emailing You can also submit both documents in-person by turning them into the front desk of the Center for Student Involvement. 


Once your documents have been received and reviewed by the Senate Operations Committee, the Senate Operations Chair will contact you to schedule a meeting with your prospective student organization. 


Step 3: Meet with Senate Operations Committee

ASG requires that all prospective student organizations meet with the Senate Operations Committee to gain an insight into the organization and decide if such an organization would benefit the student body of Emporia State. These meetings typically last less than 15 minutes and consist of the organization informing the committee about the RSO and asking any necessary questions. At the conclusion of the meeting, the committee will cast a vote to either approve or deny the RSO Recognition request. 


If your recognition request is approved, your next required step will be to attend an ASG Senate Meeting. If you request is denied, the process ends here. You will be notified of either decision.


Step 4: Attend an ASG Senate Meeting

Prior to the next senate meeting, the Senate Operations Chair will contact you regarding the date and time of the Senate meeting you will need to attend.  You or a representative from your organization must attend as you will have the opportunity to address the Senate to share your purpose for creating the desired student organization and to answer any questions posed by the Senate. A vote to recognize your organization will take place during this meeting. 


If your recognition request is approved, you have been awarded Recognized Student Organization status by the Student Senate. If your request is denied, the process ends here.


Step 5: Meet with Your ASG Senator

If your organization is granted recognition, you will then need to meet with your assigned ASG Senator to officially be granted RSO recognition. This meeting must take place within 3 weeks of being granted recognition by Student Senate. The Senate Operations Chair will coordinate this meeting with you and your Senator. At this meeting, your Senator will walk you through the requirements of an RSO, navigating Hornet Central, and setting up your official RSO email. 


After this meeting, your ASG Senator will submit your RSO Appendix C that certifies your meeting took place. Once your RSO Hornet Life page is activated, your RSO is afforded all the rights and responsibilities of an RSO.

Documents (Click to Download)

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