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Managing Your RSO

Update Your RSO 


Each student organization has a dedicated page that can be customized to share information about your RSO.

Providing current and dynamic photos is a key step in making your organization's page look inviting and encourage student interest!

To make changes, identified leadership members of each organization may submit a simple online form.

The following items can be customized:

HERO IMAGE - The large graphic at the top of your page. This is usually a photo graph and must be landscape/horizontal. We recommend 1920 x 1080 at 150 DPI. A default curated image will appear by default, but it is highly recommended that organizations provide a customized image.

DESCRIPTION - This is a text box that describes your organization. Make it descriptive, but engaging! We recommend between 1-4 sentences.

PROFILE GRAPHIC - This is a square graphic representing your organization. Some organizations have a custom logo, but you can also use this region to show a photo. This must be a square graphic or photo. We recommend 400 x 400 pixels at 150 DPI. By default, a Corky will appear in this section.

SOCIAL MEDIA - You may provide a link to your social media accounts. We support Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or a custom website link. If you use a social media app not listed, we recommend you enter that as part of your description or as one of the custom blocks at the bottom of the page.

DOCUMENTS - These are your organizations documents (by-laws, constitution, etc.). Please provide us with the current versions of these documents and not just links. These are not required and you may use them as needed, but you are limited to two.

INTEREST LINK - This is a link to more information about joining an RSO. Information collected will be submitted to CSI and shared with the appropriate organization. This link is not customizable.

GALLERY - This is a photo gallery. We recommend at least one photo. Photos should be landscape/horizontal, but it's not required. You may submit up to 10 photos.

CUSTOM BLOCKS - There are two customizable rich text blocks at the bottom of the page. You can provide the title and content that best showcases your organization. These should be original and not replicate the content designated for an existing block on the page.

Org Page Descriptions


Update You RSO Page

Update Your RSO 


Update Your RSO Leadership

To update the leadership of your organization, including President, Vice-President, and Advisor(s), please complete this form. The request will be submitted and managed by CSI.

What to include: Not all members but those who are executive leaders needing access to the shared document file, creation of RSO forms, and shared drive.

You must use this form. Do not add them within SharePoint.

Creating a 


All RSO forms must be created in Microsoft Forms

1. Log in to your RSO's SharePoint Site.

2. Create the form.

3. Share it with your organization's members.

Remember, only your organization's leadership team has access to your RSO's SharePoint site.

If you need a form to be listed on the master list of forms in Hornet Central complete the request form.

Creating a Form

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